If You Got a Harley Davidson Motorcycle & Wanted To Upgrade To A 26” Front Wheel, Then This Is The Guide For You

The 26″ wheel is the standard for “big wheel bikes” by today’s standards. With this Harley motorcycle front wheel upgrade, you will need to rake the neck of the bike, along with the triple trees.

This can be done a few different ways:

First is to cut and weld on a new neck. This is the harder way, but it is also the strongest way. Keep in mind though that it is pretty much permanent.


The other option is using a “bolt on” neck. This option bolts on over your existing neck, to give you the proper neck rake, without voiding your warranty. These systems can be removed if you want to sell the bike later on or go back to a stock application.


Companies like American Suspension have spent years figuring out the proper neck rake and trail geometry to make sure your bike handles perfectly on the road. Many riders say, that with these kits and a 26-inch wheel, their bikes handle “better than stock”.

“I Have 26″ on my bike and love it. Went with American suspension bolt on rake kit and it rides better than it did when it was factory.” – Mark G. – Better Than Stock!


You will also need a new wheel and fender for this kit. There are many fender styles and manufacturers out there for the 26″ front wheel, so find the one that fits your style. We recommend either of our premier vendors Fat Katz or Bad Dad for your fenders.


We also recommend our premier vendor SMT Machining, because they offer all of their designs in the 26″wheel size. A great example is this article’s cover image at top of this page.

There are also a couple of options for tires. Metzeler makes a great tire for the 26″ wheel, although a little pricier, you get the Metzeler brand name and quality behind your tire. This tire below is a 120/55-26 and comes with a 67H load speed rating.

Shinko also makes a good tire. This tire is a little cheaper in cost, but not in quality. Their tire is a 120/50-26, so it does run a shorter sidewall, but is made from a softer compound, which sticks better to the road. It has a 73H load speed rating on it. This is a great tire, preferred by most builders these days.

Shopping List:


Make The Leap & Upgrade Your Harley With A 26” Front Wheel

The 26″ wheel has become the standard for the big wheel bagger movement. Although it does take a little more work to get you going, it will be well worth it in the end.

All your friends will be green with envy when they see your new 26″ big wheel bagger!

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