The time has come for you to do a 30″ front wheel install on your Harley Davidson motorcycle. This do-it-yourself (DIY) upgrade can really enhance the look of your dream bike.

Use the Right Rake Kit

There are a few ways to make this change. Begin by purchasing a rake kit, for a 30″ wheel. A classic weld-on neck or bolt-on-neck kit will work. You will need a kit with a larger rake for a 30″ wheel. You cannot use the same parts for a 30” front wheel install as you use for a 26”.

American Suspension neck kits will make your motorcycle ride like a dream thanks to countless hours of research and development. There are literally thousands of bikes on the road with their kits. An American Suspension rake kit is the right choice for a 30” front wheel install.

Add a Sizeable Fender

Next, you need a fender that is large enough to cover that huge wheel and tire. Fat Katz has been manufacturing fenders for decades and offers a wide selection for the 30” front wheel install.

Get the Wheel You Want

Last – but certainly not least – comes the wheel. SMT Machining offers over 60 different designs of the 30” wheel in chrome, black, double cut, and polished surfaces. That gives you plenty of options to perfect the look of your wheel and overall theme.

Once you have completed the 30” front wheel install, your bike will look and ride like a dream. If you are ready to step up to badass status, the 30″ wheel upgrade is the way to go.

Fund the Project

So, you are ready to upgrade your front wheel, but feel like you cannot afford the parts for the job? Well, now you can!

You can get the wheel, rake kit and fender BEFORE you pay for them in full – through the FLEXPAY’s interest-free payment program. All the parts mentioned above are available from the industry’s top manufacturers (our vendors) including American Suspension, Fat Katz, SMT Machining and Bad Dad.

With a quick approval time and no credit checks, FLEXPAY is better than traditional financing, credit cards, and layaway.

Start the EZ 1-2-3 process by filling out the convenient, secure 5-minute online application. We will let you know in 24-48 hours that you have been approved.

At that point, you will begin making payments:

    1. Pay ⅓ of your total balance upon approval
    2. Pay ⅓ when your parts ship within 8-10 weeks
    3. Spread the remaining ⅓ balance out over the next 3-6 months

Get ready for your big front wheel to be the envy of your fellow bikers! Keep our guide handy and apply for FLEXPAY today.

Apply for FLEXPAY's Motorcycle Parts Financing Program Interest-Free
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