Converting Your 26” Wheel to a 23” x 5.5” Is Fast, Easy & Interchangeable

Remember how you felt when you installed that first Monster 26” wheel on your bagger all those years back? Remember that feeling you had when you rolled that bad boy down the street for the first time and no one could keep their eyes off of your bike?

Well, how would you like to have that exhilarating feeling once again with SMT Machining’s Exclusive NEW Bulldog 23X5.5” Fat Tire!  This wheel is designed to make that same statement saying “I’m bigger and better than you are” and that’s a fact!

But here is the best part….How would you like to be able to just take off your 26” wheel and fender and easily install the 23” fat tire wheel and fender and call it a day…That’s it!

You don’t have to buy a neck kit, or triple tree, or lowers, or take apart the front end of the bike. None of that bullshit! No permanent modification!  Just the 23” X 5.5” wheel and fender and you’re riding on a brand new bike!

Hell, considering it’s so easy you could even interchange them anytime you like.  Maybe one week you want to ride with the 23” wheel because you’re going on a long ride and the next week you just want to cruise the neighborhood so you put that 26” back on.

You could do that with little effort or pain on your part.  It’s “plug and play” as they say.  And here is a little secret known by the riders who already have this new Bulldog wheel on their bike…It’s such a great ride because there is so much more rubber on the road with that fat tire.  It is even rated higher than the Metzler 23”!

So be one of the first in your club or city to have the NEW Bulldog 23” X 5.5” Fat Tire wheel!  These wheels are available through our premium vendor SMT Machining and comes in any of our more than 60 designs – Chrome, Black, or Double-Cut.  Also, fenders are available through two of the biggest names in the industry: Fat Katz and Bad Dad – Classic or Wrap.


How To Get Your New Wheels BEFORE They’re Paid In Full

You can get your custom motorcycle parts and wheels needed to convert your 26” to a 23” X 5.5” today through the FLEXPAY interest-free program. It’s a newer and better payment option compared to traditional financing.

When you pay through FLEXPAY, you receive your motorcycle parts and wheels BEFORE they are paid in full.

You never have to worry about paying interest or getting turned down due to bad credit. FLEXPAY is willing to work with people who have bad credit, bankruptcy, repossession or foreclosure. We do not run credit checks. If you are working, you will likely get approved.

The FLEXPAY Process Is As EZ As 1-2-3

  1. Fill out our convenient 5-minute financing application
  2. We will let you know within 24 to 48 hours that you are approved
  3. Shop our industry-leading vendors for your custom wheels & fenders

How Payments Are Broken Down

  1. Put 1/3 of your motorcycle parts order down and the vendors will start processing your order.
  2. When your custom parts are ready to ship, usually within 8-10 weeks, you’ll pay another 1/3 of your order.
  3. Then, the balance can then be spread over the next 3-6 months INTEREST-FREE!


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