The 23″ wheel is the first of the “Big Wheels” that you will need to modify your motorcycle. A 21″ wheel will bolt right up with just fender spacers. The 23″ requires a little bit more. You will need, 23″ wheel, new fender for 23″ wheel, and Raked Triple Trees.

Raked triple trees are required on a 23″ to keep the angle of the neck proper for the bigger wheel. Also, it gives you the space between the frame and the wheel needed for clearance. Changing the trees can be done with basic mechanical knowledge. It is a bolt on part, that just replaces the factory triple trees. These will have about 6 degrees more rake, allowing for proper clearance.

Once the triple trees are changed, you can add your 23″ fender and wheel. The bike should now ride just like or better than stock.

The 23″ wheel is the easiest “Big Wheel” to install on a bike. Triple Trees generally run around $700 plus shipping. They do take a few hours of install time. But no neck work is required. Can be installed with basic hand tools and a torque wrench.

There are some out there who say that you can do a 23″ wheel without triple trees, but to have the bike ride and handle well, they are required. They give you the space between the wheel and frame needed and keeps the proper geometry on the bike needed to perform at peak levels. Just because it fits, does not mean it is correct. I have had a 23″ wheel for almost 3 years now, with the proper rake, I can easily do 100mph with no wobble or shake. Bike rides like new.

Now go out and enjoy your new 23″ Big Wheel Bike!


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