Fat Katz

Custom, Hand-Made
Bagger Fenders
& Harley Fenders

Fat Katz custom motorcycle fenders


Fat Katz’s 13-Gauge Steel Bagger Fenders

Fat Katz Vegas Classic Fender

Vegas Classic – FLC140 21″

Fat Katz Philly Classic Fender

Philly Classic – FLC105 23″

Fat Katz Laredo Classic Fender

Laredo Classic – FLC106 26″

Fat Katz Tombstone Classic Fender

Tombstone Classic – FLC107 30″

Fat Katz El Loco Classic Fender

El Loco Classic – FLC132 32″


Custom-Made & Assembled in the USA By Fat Katz

Fat Katz St. Louis Wrap Fender

St. Louis – 130/90, 16″ tire

Fat Katz Detroit Wrap Fender

Detroit – 130/70, 18″ tire

Fat Katz Deuce Wrap Fender

Deuce – Harley Deuce fork legs, 21″ tire

Fat Katz Philly Wrap Fender

Philly – 23″ tire

Fat Katz Laredo Wrap Fender

Laredo – 26″ tire

Fat Katz Tombstone Wrap Fender

Tombstone – 30″ tire

Fat Katz El Loco Wrap Fender

El Loco – 32″ tire


Hand-Made, Cold Rolled, 13-Gauge Steel By Fat Katz

Fat Katz Abilene Rear Fender

F350 Abilene

Fat Katz Scottsdale Rear Fender

F365 Scottsdale

Fat Katz Houston Rear Fender

F400 Houston

Fat Katz Ventura Rear Fender

F600 Ventura

Fat Katz Blank Rear Fender

Blank Fender


Hand-Crafted Accessories By Fat Katz

Fat Katz Gas Cap

Gas Cap

Fat Katz FL Spacer Kit

FL Spacer Kit

Fat Katz Custom, Hand-Made Fenders
Fat Katz Custom, Hand-Made Fenders


Custom, Hand-Made Fenders for the American Motorcycle Industry

Been making custom, hand-made motorcycle fenders since 2000. They don’t just consider tank and bagger fender building their business, they consider it an art form. If you ask them, they’ll tell you that his team of metal artists are the best in the business.

Fat Katz motorcycle products are among the best in the world and are still hand-crafted in Grass Valley, CA. The handmade, cold rolled, 13-gauge steel fenders have also made a great impact on the motorcycle building industry. Many of the Fat Katz motorcycle products have been featured on the Discovery Channel show, “American Chopper”.

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