Introducing SMT Machining’s new 23×5.5″ wheel.  This motorcycle wheel is fitted with the new SMT Exclusive Vee Rubber 180/50-23″ tire.  This tire has the same tread and profile as our 21×5.5″ tire.

The overall height of this fitment is the same as a 26″ big wheel, but with the width of the fat tires we have all grown to love and need for those long rides.  The way SMT Machining designed this wheel is so the person with a 26” setup on their bike, who wants a change, can simply remove their wheel and fender to install the 23 x 5.5″ wheel and wide fender. That’s it and you are on your way!

All The Parts Needed For Your DIY 23 × 5.5″ Upgrade

For riders who are looking to install this on their stock bike, setup is fairly simple and all the components are readily available from our vendors. You will need:

  • A 26″ rake kit. We suggest an American Suspension bolt on or weld on rake kit for 26″ wheels, because they are reliable and fit like a glove.
  • A wide fender to fit this wheel. Fat Katz’s fenders makes a classic FL style as well as, a wrap style.  They have worked hard to make these fenders fit on the 14-newer bikes without the need for lower legs and fork cans. Fitment on 13 and older models is no problem at all.

This new wheel size is the best of both worlds.  You get the side profile of a big wheel bagger, plus the width and stance of the fat tire motorcycles.

Be the first in your group to step up to the all-new 23×5.5″ 180/50-23″ wheel.  You will blow their minds when you hit the twists and your bike flies through on your new fat tire!

Fat Katz classic fender on sale

Fat Katz Classic Fender


Fat Katz wrap fender on sale

Fat Katz Wrap Fender


B26/08 American Suspension 26" Bolt On Rake Kit

American Suspension Bolt On Rake Kit


side view 23x5.5" wheel on bike


front view 23x5.5" wheel on bike

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