The 21×5.5″ BULLDOG fat tire was designed for those who want the fat tire look on their motorcycle, without having to go down to an 18″ wheel.  This is also the only fat tire kit running a 180/55 front tire.  This wheel and tire combo is 1/2″ shorter than a standard 23″ wheel and tire combo, therefore, raked triple trees are suggested for all year Harley Davidson baggers (2000-2018).

*On your 2000-2013 baggers, triple trees are about all that is needed.  Of course you will need a fender, available through Fat Katz fenders and VooDoo Bike Works.  The Fat Katz fender is steel and available in a wrap style and a classic FL style.  The VooDoo fender is reinforced fiberglass and available in the wrap style.  Those 2 items get your bike rolling with this bad ass fat wheel style, and the sweet look of a 21″.

*2014-newer Harley Davidson baggers, raked triple trees should be used.  There are 2 ways to go about building the 2014 and newer motorcycle.  First, using the FatKatz fenders:  you must change out your lower legs and fork cans.  The lower legs should be shaved and the for cans have to be slash cut.  These are available through American Suspension, as well as, the triple trees.  Second way of going about this is with the VooDoo fender.  With this fender you do not need lowers or cans.  He built this fender to fit motorcycles with stock lowers and cans.  This fender is very tight to the legs, and almost seems like it will hit the tire, but that is how it was built.  So you did not need to change the front end.

*Victory baggers: So far there has only been 1 Victory built that I know of.  Fat Katz is also making their steel wrap fender for these motorcycles.  Rake is not required, just lowering a little in the front end.  Wheel bolts right up, and change the fender.

*Indian baggers:  SMT Machining makes this work on Indian motorcycles.  They make a very nice steel fender, that looks great.  No rake was required.  All we did was use the fender and slash cut the stock for cans.  This bike rides like a dream while looking mean as hell!

All fenders are available through SMT Machining and MC Parts Flexpay.

  • $550 Fat Katz wrap fender
  • $675 Fat Katz classic FL fender
  • $385 VooDoo wrap fender

**Plus shipping. Prices subject to change without notice.

Learn more about the next big thing in baggers, the 21 x 5.5″ Bulldog Fat Front Wheel hot product.



Fat Katz Classic Fender



Fat Katz Wrap Fender



VooDoo Wrap Fender



VooDoo Wrap Fender


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