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Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles

The rich heritage of Harley-Davidson® dates back to 1901, when 21-year-old William S. Harley sketches a blueprint of an engine that could fit into a bicycle. Just two years later, Harley and Arthur Davidson made the first production Harley-Davidson® motorcycle available to the public. Harley-Davidson® Motor Company celebrated its 115th anniversary in 2018, marking the occasion with the release of the all-new Softail models – the largest product development in its history.

Honda Motorcycles

Honda Motor Company, Ltd. was established in 1948 in Itaya-Cho, Hamamatsu. The company reached a major turning point in when Honda R&D Center spun off from its parent company in 1960 to become independent. The company exhibited its first automobiles, the S360, S500, and T360, at the 9th Tokyo Motor Show just two years later. In 2017, Hona was named one of the top 20 brands in the world.

Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha produced the first model of the YA-1 in 1954. It was powered by an air-cooled, two-stroke, single cylinder 125cc engine and subjected to an unprecedented 10,000 km endurance test to ensure its quality. Production on the YA-1, the company’s first motorcycle, started in 1955. Decades later, the 2018 YZ450F motocross bike boasted the world’s first smartphone based wireless Power Tuner.

Suzuki Motorcycles

1952 saw the introduction of Suzuki’s first motorized bicycle, the Power Free. Six years later, the well known Suzuki S came on the scene. In 1976, Barry Sheene captured the 500cc world title on the RG500 – the company’s first world title. That same year, Suzuki released the GS750, its first big four-cylinder bike. In 2018, Suzuki announced the creation of a new manufacturing plant in Japan that would consolidate engineering, development, engine production and vehicle assembly into a central location.

Kawasaki Motorcycles

American Kawasaki Motorcycle Corp. was established in 1966 in an old meat warehouse in Chicago, Illinois. The company made its first big splash with the release of the four-cylinder 900cc Z1 in 1973. As of 2018, American Kawasaki Motorcycle Corp had an annual revenue topping 1.6 billion dollars, about 480 employees and more than 1,500 dealers.

Victory & Polaris Motorcycles

Victory is a relatively young motorcycle brand, having produced its first motorcycle, a V92C, Iowa in 1998. A 2015 survey by Consumer Reports rated Victory as the motorcycle brand with the highest owner satisfaction, beating out industry giants.

BMW Motorcycles

The luxury automobile company actually produced motorcycles before cars, starting with the debut of the R32 in 1923. Interestingly enough, BMW still uses the flat-twin engine layout. Proving itself nimble, the company manufactured a smaller bike, the 198cc R 2, in response to an economic downturn in Germany in 1930. The 198cc R 2 went on to sell more than 15,000 units. BMW Motorrad presented its first autonomous motorbike at the 2018 BMW Motorrad Techday.

Triumph Motorcycles

With the release of its first motorcycle in 1902, Triumph was one year ahead of Harley Davidson. 52 years later, the movie The Wild One featured legendary actor Marlon Brando riding a 650cc Thunderbird 6T. The brand continued its expansion in 2013 with its launch in India.

Indian Motorcycles

The manufacturer with the longest history in this lineup is Indian. George M. Hendee founded a bicycle production company called the Hendee Manufacturing Company in 1897. One of the brand names was American Indian, which Hendee shortened to “Indian.” Indian Motorcycle introduced the 45-ci, 750cc V-twin engine in 1927, which is now considered one of the best engines the company ever built. Polaris Industries purchased Indian Motorcycle in 2011.

Mix & Match Motorcycle Parts From These Vendors

Build your dream bike by mixing and matching new or custom motorcycle rims, wheels, suspensions, fenders, baggers and other motorcycle parts & accessories from these premier manufactures. Did we mention you will receive your motorcycle parts BEFORE they are paid in full?

SMT Machining Wheels on Sale
American Suspension Suspension Kits on Sale
Bad Dad Spoilers on Sale
Fat Katz Fenders on Sale

SMT Machining

  • Shop custom motorcycle wheels and rims.
  • Milled from American-Made, Aircraft-Grade, 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum.
  • Polished, triple chrome plated, or double-cut gloss black available.
  • Matching sprockets, rotors, and pulleys available.
  • Custom designs that will fit your bike like a glove.
  • Optional – mount an Avon, Metzler, or Vee Rubber tire on your custom motorcycle rim.

American Suspension

  • Shop bagger legs, easy weld-in wedge kit, rear shock absorbers, road glide brackets and mounts, bolt-on neck rake kits, front air ride systems, weld-in slip fit kits, raked headlight bezels, triple trees kits, fork cans, and front-end suspensions.
  • Vince Costa founded American Suspension in 1997 and has been engineering motorcycle suspensions for over 40 years.
  • He got his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California and then founded American Suspension.
  • Vince has designed and engineered aftermarket motorcycle parts and products as he received over a dozen patents for his shock absorbers, front ride height and preload adjuster, smooth top tree, integrated brake line fork, bolt-on neck kit for baggers, among others.

Bad Dad

  • Shop custom, high-quality front fenders that are proudly made in the USA.
  • Opened early in the year 2000 as a small division of Derk Hinsey’s collision center, Hinsey’s Pro Paint. They’ve combined Derk’s bodywork experience with today’s newest technology to manufacture their complete line of original motorcycle parts.
  • Bad Dad motorcycle products focus on customizing the look of the motorcycle while still maintaining its original functionality. They manufacture these designs to perform as great as they look.
  • All of Bad Dad’s custom motorcycle parts are designed and produced in the U.S.A. Their products are manufactured in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan.

Fat Katz

  • Shop classic fenders, wrap fenders, rear fenders, gas caps, and FL spacer kits.
  • Has been making custom, hand-made motorcycle fenders since 2000.
  • They consider tank and bagger fender building not just business, but an art form.
  • Fat Katz motorcycle products are among the best in the world and are still hand-crafted in Grass Valley, CA.
  • The hand-made, cold rolled, 13-gauge steel fenders have also made a great impact on the motorcycle building industry.
  • Many of the Fat Katz motorcycle products have been featured on the Discovery Channel show, “American Chopper”.
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