What is the largest front wheel I can put on my Harley Bagger (Touring model) without doing any modifications?

The 21″ X 3.25″ wheel is the largest front motorcycle wheel you can install on your Harley Bagger without having to modify the rake and trail of the bike. No triple tree is necessary and you will be able to use your stock fender.

For 2000-2013 Harley Davidson Touring models, all you will have to do is install the front wheel. No modifications are required. Just put that sucker on!

For 2014 to current models, you will have to use a fender spacer to move the stock fender up 1 inch for clearance for the 21” front wheel. The reason for this is in 2014 Harley Davidson designed the fender to snug the stock wheel a little tighter. Hence the 1 inch modification. This spacer is available at any Harley dealership for around $35 and they are usually an in-stock item.

If you don’t want to do any work or modifications to your motorcycle/bike, then the 21 X 3.25 inch front wheel is the way to go!

The largest front wheel you can put on a Harley Davidson bagger without modifications is 21 in. x 3.25 in.


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